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October 2015

The New York Times called the shop a 'browers' nirvana...scented with vases of peonies and with a soundtrack of antique ringng phones.' 

September 2015

Sadie Stein wrote in the Paris Review online that we are 'a testament to the wisdom of doing one thing well... Every book feels carefully chosen and if you are the right (or wrong, depending on how you think about it) sort of person, you will want to read everything.'

August 2015

Marie's Choice of 'nice and cosy bookshops' in Time Out said: 'If I could, I'd make a film about this hidden gem. Don't expect bestsellers; do expect unique reads.'

July 2015

'Odds are decent that if you stop by Persephone Books you’ll find yourself in the presence of someone’s ecstatic literary pilgrimage' wrote (American) Vogue on its website.

June 2015

There was a piece about Persephone Books by Katy Waldman on 'To pick up a Persephone book is to encounter a minutely specialized, painstakingly crafted brand.'

May 2015

A new report on poverty in Liverpool (Getting By? A Year in the Life of Thirty Working Families in Liverpool) was directly inspired by Round about a Pound a Week.The latter 'sought to influence the national debate on infant health and mortaility and the health of mothers. By keeping a weekly record of family income and expenditure, the study showed that the parents simply had insufficient money to enable them to adequately care for their children, or indeed themselves. It also showed that the mothers were independent, resourceful and hardworking.'

April 2015

Persephone Books are pleased to announce that the winner of the first Persephone Prize was Eve Lacey. Read her winning entry and the other five shortlisted essays.

March 2015

We were featured by Platform 505 which said: 'If you haven’t yet found Persephone Books, I’d suggest you find an excuse to drop in on the Lamb’s Conduit Street shop or their site and prepare yourself for a treat.'

February 2015

Book Haul posted a video on YouTube in which she featured Persephone Books.

January 2015

The bookshop around the corner: a celebration of bookshops wrote about us here.

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