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Persephone Book Tokens may be ordered  online. 

We send the book token, a copy of the latest Persephone Biannually and Catalogue, and a card with your message. Book tokens cost £12 plus the cost of postage to the recipient; for example, a book token for one book sent in the UK is £14 but if the recipient lives abroad and would llike the book sent there, then it would be £13 or £15. If you buy a book token for three books you receive the normal discount of three books for £30 plus postage. 

If you buy a token for more than one book please let us know whether you want one person to have two or three books or whether you would like to give book tokens to separate people and would like two or three separate tokens (and therefore two or three copies of the Biannually and Catalogue for each recipient to receive along with the token).

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