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Charlotte Moore

October 2016

'My mother read The Runaway to me when I was a child. Then I found it thrilling; now, it strikes me as very funny, and not a little feminist. Clarice Clavering is the daughter of a prosperous Victorian; she is well-fed and comfortable but “Oh, the dullness of life! I don’t believe that there is the slightest chance of a revolution”. Then she finds wild golden-haired Olga hiding in the shrubbery, a boarding-school escapee - “It’s the girls that are kept under and kept down, and so there’s nothing left but to run away”. Olga effects a miniature revolution in the lives of Clarice, her stolid governess, and her respectable father; the results are beautifully illustrated by Gwen Raverat’s sympathetic woodcuts, black and white, but as rich as if they were coloured.'

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