James Ravilious published several books of photographs and one of them had a preface by Alan Bennett, who was then interviewed about Ravilious a few years after his death here. Bennett said that he ‘ didn’t know the area [of North Devon] at all; I didn’t even know there was an area as remote as the one that Ravilious photographed.’ The interviewer commented: ‘And it’s also amazing that he spent so long working in such a geographically small place – an area in north Devon just 10 miles or so wide.’ Bennett responded: ‘I think it’s admirable. You get a totally different perspective on his subjects, because they are obviously used to him. He didn’t bother them, he wasn’t an intrusive presence – he could be in the room for quite intimate moments and they wouldn’t find this disturbing.’ This 1975 photograph is of two farmers at a harvest supper in the village hall in Dalton.


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