10 October 2014

The Biannually has gone to the printers and will start to be sent out on Monday October  20th (it will take another ten days for readers abroad). So there is a little breathing space before the busiest time of year begins. This extremely soothing painting

was on the cover of the recent Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum leaflet. Anne Marie (no surname) painted these camellias and cincinarias in the 1840s.

We shall be going to see Taken at Midnight in Chichester with Penelope Wilton

reviewed here  and plan to stay the night and then go and look for Lucienne and Robin Day’s house (since we now own one of their saucepans

their name has become quite a part of our everyday domestic life – eg. last night we had a Day Stew). Here is a tour of their house when they were living in it, and the view from the back

presumably we shall only be able to see it from the front but that will be better than nothing. Unsurprisingly, they had a piece of bentwood furniture.

‘Brocket’s pocket guide’ i.e. Jane Brocket’s Grand Provincial Tour Guide to Chichester, won’t be available until November, but we shall probably return to Chichester this winter with it, naturally enough, in our pocket. Here, to be going on with, are two doors from Jane’s Yarnstorm blog 

And where doors are concerned: Judith Flanders’s The Making of Home seems like a book after our own heart

as does Alison Light’s Common People: The History of an English Family 

funny that it’s illustrated with a picture of a mangle which is exactly the same as the one we have in the garden in Lambs Conduit Street, brought with us from the basement in Clerkenwell thirteen years ago.  

Next year there will be an exhibition of Sargent’s portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. Maev Kennedy wrote about it and here

is a picture to show the kind of thing we shall be enjoying, The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati was painted in 1907 and must be quite a rare portrait of a woman painting. Sargent will be on the Persephone Post next week.

Finally, Mrs Gaskell’s House at 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester has just opened, newly restored, to the public.

And someone kindly sent us this statue of Persephone in Italy. She has a rather sweet expression.

Nicola Beauman 

59 Lambs Conduit Street


59 Lamb's Conduit Street, London WC1N 3NB