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 The Persephone Classics
There are now twelve Persephone Classics.The text and the high quality Munken Pure paper are the same as in the grey books but the covers have pictures on the front, there is a glimpse of the endpaper fabric in grey and white inside, and there are ‘French’ flaps.The back has quotations from reviews. All Persephone Classics cost £10.The
Classics we have chosen are already proven bestsellers, but the pictures on the covers make them stand out better in bookshops than the grey Originals. They are thus a good way for us to attract new readers who then ask for the Persephone Biannually and Catalogue or look at our website and, we hope, discover our 130 grey books.
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Abroad, Adultery, America, Architecture, Biography, Bloomsbury, Childhood, Cookery Books, Country Life, Diaries, Education, Family, Fathers, Gender and Race, Grandmothers, History, House and Garden, Humour, Ireland, London, Love Story, Men (books about), Men (books by), Mothers, Poetry, Politics, Science Fiction, Scotland, Sex, Shopping, Short Stories, Single Women, Social Comedy, Suffragettes,Teenagers (books for),Thrillers,Translations,Victoriana, Widows,Woman and Home,Women’s Place,Working Women,WW1,WW2,Young Love.

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