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This spring’s books, published on April 24th, are a superb First World War novel Wilfred and Eileen written in 1976 by Jonathan Smith (author of Summer in February) and set in 1913–15. The author has written a new Afterword. And Into the Whirlwind, the extraordinary memoir by Eugenia Ginzburg, written in Russian and translated into English in 1967. The Afterword is by the former British Ambassador to Moscow, Sir Rodric Braithwaite. We also thought we would offer Persephone readers one of the great classics of domestic literature, the first volume of The Diary of a Provincial Lady with the original illustrations by Arthur Watts. After all, if you buy two books, the third is half price. And we thought that even though some Persephone readers will have the Diary already, no one will be able to resist a copy of EM Delafield’s wonderful book for an additional £6. The Afterword is the original Preface Nicola Beauman wrote for the Virago edition in 1985.  


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